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We are the international brand of Aeroyoga® and Aeropilates®

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200 training hours accredited by yoga alliance for Aeroyoga©® and Aeropilates©®:

The course includes videos by chapters, summary classes, tests and Aeroyoga’s official swing for real practice.
This training will open the doors of the laboral world, because the demand for instructors is strong. The course includes the training of AEROYOGA, AEROPILATES and AEROFITNESS so that you can offer a versatile service including relaxation, tonic exercise and anaerobic.
Once you have visualized the videos of the virtual classroom, completed the exercises and completed the internship, you will obtain the diploma stamped by the Yoga Alliance, valid in EUROPE, ASIA, AMERICA and RUSSIA.


  • The professional benefits of the Aeroyoga
  • Use of the mark
  • Development of Aeroyoga, Aeropilates and Air Fitness courses
  • Aeroyoga restoration postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Aeroyoga Vinyasa Level II – Postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Aeroyoga Vinyasa III Acrobatico – Postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Aeropilates I – Postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Aeropilates II – Postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Aeropilates III – Postures with their advantages and contraindications
  • Air Fitness – Training Program with its advantages and contraindications
  • Breathing techniques (pranayama) applied to Aeroyoga and Aeropilates
  • Anatomy applied to Aeroyoga and Aeropilates
  • Ayurveda applied to Aeroyoga and Aeropilates
  • Aromatherapy applied to Aeroyoga and Aeropilates
  • Lithotherapy and hot stone treatment applied to Aeroyoga and Aeropilates


  • Aeroyoga official swing
  • Aeroyoga / Aeropilates / Aerofitness Courses
  • 117 video tutorials
  • The most advanced virtual class
  • International yoga yoga diploma recognized by the Yoga Alliance


Terms of the course

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In person

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Frequently asked question

With Aeroyoga, fly professionally

Aeroyoga is a job that gives you mobility, allows you to practice your business anywhere in the world. You can offer individual aeroyoga classes, in groups, in gyms, in the open air …

If you want a profession of the future, in which there are still few certified professionals, it is your training. It’s a good choice for you. Every day, more and more opportunities arise for enthusiasts and adventurers like you.

Aeroyoga Institute is the world’s pioneering school of aerial yoga. We were the first to introduce this training around the world and to create a method that allows you to offer the aeroyoga method to all types of customers, be they athletes, retirees, children …

We currently offer training on 5 continents in 5 languages.

Would you like to have a high-flying profession? We offer you the Aeroyoga International Instructor Training, endorsed by the Yoga Alliance, working as an Aeroyoga Instructor at your center or in a gym.

This course is for everyone who wants to work and live a job dedicated to well-being, relaxation and personal development.

If you are over 18 and want to fly professionally, you are in the right place. You can study our course to offer individual aeroyoga sessions, group classes or open your own aeroyoga center

Aeroyoga® is the first NON EXCLUSIVE airline method, that is to say that it has been studied so that the entire population, whatever their physical condition, can benefit from it and make the most of it, depending on their level.

For everyone to have access to this technique, Aeroyoga® offers three well-defined levels of intensity:

Level “0” (Aeroyoga repairer), for everyone.

At level “0” the body is in contact with the ground and only one part in zero gravity. Objective: to relax completely and let the body flow effortlessly using the swing. Its benefits are drainage, detoxification, deep relaxation, joint nutrition, restoration and correction of the spine.

The level “1” (Aeropilates®) concerns the aerial postures close to the ground and in contact with the ground. Objectives, tonicity, postural correction, postural reeducation, flexibility of the spine, muscular definition, deep relaxation.

Level 2 (Acrobatic Aeroyoga, the most physically demanding): at this level, the body works completely in the air, where the student can perform acrobatic postures that stimulate his mind, body and imagination

The Aeroyoga® swing is the main working platform for this practice.

One of our premises is “that the Aeroyoga® swing adapts to the peculiarities of the student and not that the student has to adapt to the swing”. We want to see the student appreciate weightlessness. The Aeroyoga® swing becomes an ergonomic and therapeutic surface, where the practitioner forgets to suffer and obtains results while taking full advantage of the experience.

The answer is no, our courses do not last 7 days.

At Aeroyoga, we are looking for the highest quality and want all our instructors to receive the appropriate training to be able to represent our international brand.

To be an Aeroyoga instructor, there are two options.

One is to do the 50-hour intensive training in one of our schools. These practical days usually have a duration of 7 intensive days. But once this practical work is done, it is the beginning of the work of assimilation of what has been learned, classes with our virtual class, visualization of videos, delivery of work, individual practices, etc.

For 4-6 months, they must strive to overcome all the requirements of the Aeroyoga certification.

The second option is 100% online, this training is provided in the virtual classroom, where all classes are in video format. It also offers an advanced program to track progress, ensure that our students view all classes, a tutor, exercises, delivery of recorded videos by our future teachers and more. All of this ensures that our online students meet the requirements to be Aeroyoga Instructors.

To overcome online training, they have a whole year

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