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AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga ©) is an artistic method of personal growth created and registered internationally by the Spanish Rafael Martínez who uses suspension and antigravity with a special swing as a platform to encourage creativity, unlocking, tonicity, muscular definition and rejuvenation. After practicing yoga for 30 years, and studying 4 years as a trainer in Natha Yoga, Rafael Martinez obtained his trainer diploma in Federation Française des Écoles de Yoga.

Rafael also graduated in Fine Arts, studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and at the École de Beaux Arts in Paris.

Aeroyoga started progressively in Madrid. Rafael Martinez was inspired by ancient techniques such as Natha Yoga, Mallakhmab Rope, Ayurveda or more modern like Pilates, contemporary dance … He made an exhaustive study to fuse all ancestral concepts in suspension work with a swing 100% redesigned by Aeroyoga Institute.

Finally, after years of research and hundreds of students practicing aerial yoga, the first worldwide training of aerial yoga certified were created. At present thanks to that, it is a practice that causes a frenzy.

You only have to meet the requirements, such as a minimum space, facilities that allow training in optimal conditions and at least two instructors with proven experience. Keep in mind that we will only add new centers in a city if there is enough population in the area to avoid a rivalry.

Contact us if you want more information on how to do it.

Being a training school allows you to belong to a growing network with a validated methodology and processes.

All our schools will appear in our directory of training schools and will appear in our publications and marketing actions generating new traffic to these centers.

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