Aeroyoga Official Swing


The Aeroyoga® official swing is made with a special fabric, silky smooth to the touch and extra resistant. It consists of a hammock and braces with 3 measures to perform all Aeroyoga © ® and Aeropilates © ® postures. This swing adjusts to various heights according to exercises and physical condition of the student.

Its Colors

Orange symbolizes energy, strength, creativity and protection (it is the color of Buddhist monks’ robes). White symbolizes peace, harmony, stability, meditation and it is the color of learning. The contrast of these two colors creates a balance for work in suspension.

In case of loss the grip in the middle of an exercise this union of colors and their contrasts help us to focus our attention on a point to hold on. For that reason, they are the official and unique colors of the Aerial yoga brand.

  • Orange and white swing
  • 2 cords of 2 meters long to hang the swing
  • Carabiners High security XL size
  • Bag to keep the swing