Common questions

Nowadays, we are in many countries, but you can see on this website the programming of our next courses or you can also train online whenever you want.

  • 4 intensive days in which 35 hours of practice and 6 months of Online support

  • 12 months of online training with a tutor and all our video lessons step by step

  • Modalities by modules

Of course, YES. At some point you have to start the challenges and the projects. We encourage you to start with us.

  • The professional benefits of the Aerial yoga

  • The use of the brand

  • The development of Aerial yoga, Aerial pilates and Aerial Fitness classes

  • Restorative Aerial yoga Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Aerial yoga Vinyasa Level II – Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Acrobatic Aerial yoga Vinyasa III – Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Aerial pilates I – Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Aerial pilates II – Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Aerial pilates III – Postures with their benefits and contraindications

  • Air Fitness – Exercise routine with its benefits and contraindications

  • Breathing techniques (pranayama) applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

  • Anatomy applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

  • Physiotherapy applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

  • Ayurveda applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

  • Aromatherapy applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

  • Lithotherapy and Hot Stone Therapy applied to Aerial yoga and Aerial pilates

They are reflected in our website. We currently work with the international method of PayPal secure payments.

We distribute the swings from our headquarters in Spain. So, the approximate time according to location is estimated between 2 days and 30 days.

If the purchase of the swing is for an online training, you can access to the virtual classroom to advance the theoretical training while you wait for the swing.

If the course is face-to-face, the swing will be received the same day of the training.

No, you must purchase the swings provided and rated by Aeroyoga Official to be an accredited Aerial yoga teacher.

It is a valid diploma at work worldwide and internationally certified by Yoga Alliance. But we advise you to consult the requirements of your country, because, for example, first aid training courses can be requested…

Keep in mind that Aeroyoga issues a certificate to use a system registered worldwide by the same brand internationally. We are the only company with brand records worldwide.

The Aerial yoga can be adapted to all types of customers and fitness. But you must have in mind that it is a physical activity. If you have any question, check it with your doctor.

Yes, check with us the specific conditions of a certified Aerial yoga center. This course is specific so you can then teach classes to groups in gyms, yoga centers or open your aerial yoga center.

Do not worry, you can renew the membership in the system to get the services in the virtual classroom and continue with your tutor.
The renewals are economic, 100€ per year. So, this payment will give you a whole year to resume your studies with more calm.

Paying 100€ you will renew the membership to have another year of access to all our tutorials and virtual classroom services activated. So, you will be able to resume your studies with calm and you will have another opportunity to obtain your certification.

You have to wear comfortable sports clothing. We recommend you to wear fitness gloves and leg-warmers.


The payment of the inscription will not be refunded unless the customer presents a justified non-attendance for a medical or personal case of justifiable relevance.

Or the attendance is canceled with at least 30 days of anticipation to the start date of the course.


In this case, there is a legal period of 15 days for cancellation. It will be necessary to return the material sent to the Aeroyoga headquarters located in Spain in perfect conditions and the most important thing, it will be necessary not to watch more than the 20% of our Online training.


There are 15 days to return the swing, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer. If it is due an incidence Aeroyoga will assume it.

Yes. If you want to repeat the training, first of all we will have to check that there are free places in our promotion that could interest you. And once the place is confirmed, the price of the website will have a 50% discount.

*Recycling does not include a swing.

Yes, you must add more academic load to the online part. Aeroyoga has the most advanced virtual classroom, with a lot of step-by-step tutorials, a personal tutor, student follow-up program, messaging, videos and all the necessary to perfectly complement our face-to-face training. In this case it would be a blended learning.

Do not worry, at Aeroyoga we have a great experience in the assembly of swings and we will advise you how you can place your swings in the most economical way. Even if your space has false ceiling, plasterboard, relatively low ceilings, high ceilings…

One of our specialists will advise you to find the best solution.

We have the sale of online private lessons. If you want guided lessons at a particular level you can contact us through the form on our website and buy individual classes.

No, you do not have to pay anything to use the brand. Aeroyoga has a free program of certified centers that includes other services and you can see it on this website.

But the use of the brand is included in the price of the training and you do not have to pay more.

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