This method, developed by Rafael Martínez, the founder of Aeroyoga Institute, allows you to improve your health in an integral, creative and playful way.


Online Platform Access

A tutor will accompany you during the training. On the platform you will have all the method step by step developed and reviewed by Rafael Martinez. Hours and hours of training that will allow you to know the method perfectly.


Receive the swing at home

You will receive the swing at home in a few days (it will take between 4-30 days depending on the area) while you are waiting you can study the theoretical parts of the course. And once you receive it you can start the program.


365 days

You have a whole year to complete the training, which consists in viewing all the videos of the platform during the hours required by the International Yoga Alliance program, doing a self-improvement test and delivering the videos to the tutor that will show him how well you have learned the technique. This course requires an approximate dedication of 2 weekly hours or 15 daily minutes.

What you need to know?

  • PRICE: 1190€/ 1390 US$
  • PRICE WITH PROMOTION: 599€ / 699 US$

  • REGISTRATION: 330€ / 372US$

  • PAYMENT: Two payments of 269€ /  327  US$ be paid one in 30 and another in 60 days

  • DURATION: 200 hours online with tutorials

If you need more information you can contact us by WhatsApp: +34 666 185 943

What is included in this course?

  • Official Aerial yoga Swing

  • International Diploma in Aerial Yoga

  • Access to the classroom of the European Training School SPA

  • A License to use the official brand Aeroyoga*

  • 117 videotutorialss

  • PDF manuals

How will you learn?


Virtual classroom

  • Activation of the Virtual Classrooml



  • The tutor will contact you to activate the training part


Once you already have the swing

  • Congratulations, now you can start to practice the method in parks, cut holes in the ceiling, in your garage, in trees or wherever you can. Now, turn on your computer or tablet to follow all the exercises step by step.


What is inside the virtual classroom?

  • General information about the training, the virtual classroom, the use of our brand…

  • Instructions about how to place and use the Aerial yoga swing

  • What is the Aerial yoga and what is its philosophy?

  • Aerial yoga level 0 Diamond sessions for beginners

  • Frog session level 0

  • Aerial yoga Restorative sessions (level 1)

  • Classical Session part one

  • Classical Session part two

  • Aerial yoga Toning sessions (level 2)

  • Classical Session level 1 part 2

  • Classical Session level 2 part 2

  • Aerial yoga advanced levels

  • Aerial yoga Diamond sessions level 2

  • Aerial yoga plank variations (core)

  • Aerovinyasa Session level 2 (plank variations)

  • Aerovinyasa land and air Session

  • Dolphin movements Session

  • Acrobatic sessions

  • Aeromeditation Aeropranayama

  • Pranayama respirations in Aerial yoga

  • Aerial pilates sessions

  • Aerial fitness sessions (only for gyms)

  • Anatomy lessons for aerial yoga

  • General bone anatomy lessons

  • General muscles Anatomy lessons

  • Aromatherapy in Aerial yoga

  • Lithotherapy in Aerial yoga

  • Messaging with the tutor

  • Self-correcting test

  • PDF manuals

Do you have any questions?

Modalities of training


Face-to-face Course

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Online Course

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