"Take the potential of your professional future to the limit and join the world's largest suspension yoga company"

This method that was developed by Rafael Martínez, the founder of Aeroyoga Institute, will allow you to improve your health in an integral, creative and playful way.


Online Platform

You have to activate the online platform when you sign up the course to obtain the intensive training program. So, you can start to see the training and prepare you for the practical part while you wait for the date


4 intensive days

Then, you have to complete six intensive days in one of our schools, it is an face-to-face workload of 35 hours with intensive practices.


Online Training

Once the face-to-face sessions are over, we will activate the rest of the online training, the videos, a tutor for consultations and we give you a swing to finish your work and obtain the Aerial yoga International certification.

With this course you will be able to:

  • Offer classes in gyms

  • Individual classes for your clients

  • Ideal for Physiotherapists

  • Implementation in Hotels and SPA

  • Expand yoga centers

  • Ideal for 3rd age centers

  • Sports centers

  • Teach classes for children with Aerokids

  • Retreats and meditation centers

  • To complement Pilates centers…


What do you need to know?

The Aeroroya Instructor Training returns to Lima: a method developed by Rafael Martínez, founder of Aeroyoga Institute that allows you to improve health in a comprehensive, creative and fun way.

  • PRICE WITH SCHOLARSHIP: U$S 1335 *limited promotion


  • PAYMENT: U$S 780 To pay the first day of the course


  • PLACE: CASA CHAKANA PERU -Miraflores, Lima

Register via Whatsapp: +51 998 177 483

What will you get?

  • An Official Aeroyoga Swing

  • The International Aerial Yoga Diploma

  • A file folder with material

  • Your access to the classroom of the European Training School SPA

  • A License to use the official brand of Aeroyoga*

  • 117 videotutorials

  • An Official shirt

What are you going to learn?

Day 01


  • Material delivery

  • General information of the training, the virtual classroom, the use of our brand…

  • Instructions about how to place and use the Aerial yoga swing

  • What is the Aerial yoga and what is its philosophy?

  • The sequences of a class

  • Study of the classic session of Aerial yoga part one

  • Study of the classic session of Aerial yoga part two

  • We will end the day with a full class taught by the official instructor

Day 02

  • Study of the classic session a second part

  • Study of the classic session two second part

  • Study of plank variations

  • We ended the day with a full class taught by the official instructor

Day 03

  • Study of the Dolphin session

  • Study of the Ground and Air session

  • Acrobatic Aerial yoga practice

  • Full class focused on the practice of Aerial pilates and Aerial fitness

Day 04

  • Study of the Diamond session

  • Study of the Frog session

  • Full class focused on the practice of Aerial pilates and Aerial fitness

  • Access to 9 months of online training with a tutor and all the video training at your disposal

  • The end of the course and Creative Photographs session

Do you have any questions?

Modalities of training


Face-to-face Course

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Online Course

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