Do you have a center and teach AeroYoga® classes?
Still not doing it? Would you like to do it?

From Aeroyoga® we want to expand our method and pass our hobby to fly on to the whole world. We want anyone to be able to practice Aeroyoga® in a simple, supervised, safe and comfortable way in any country.

7 requirements and 7 benefits

What requirements must an Aeroyoga® Accredited Center meet?

  1. First of all, at least one of your instructors must do the Aeroyoga® Instructor training and give credit to. It is necessary for the instructor to know how to take a class properly and advise the student in a professional manner to get the most out of the Aeroyoga® practice. Aeroyoga® classes at this center can only be thought by certified instructors.
  2. Having an adapted center with space to practice Aeroyoga® in a safe and free way. Each swing must be at least a meter and a half away from other swings. The fastening must have been done by a professional to ensure the strength of the eye bolt.
  3. The swings must be the official Aeroyoga® swings to assure their quality and guarantee the experience of each student is the same.
  4. he center must have adequate conditions of cleanliness, temperature and cleanliness areas.
  5. Although the Aeroyoga® method is a safe method there are always small risks, so it is obligatory to have a Civil Liability insurance. In addition, each student must sign a document in which he / she has to recognize that he / she does not suffer from any illness or discomfort that could endanger his / her integrity or health by practicing the activity.
  6. The accredited centers have to pay an annual fee to be included in our directory of centers, have access to training and new content and obtain also some discounts on the material of the brand.
  7. The certified instructors of the center must bring themselves periodically up-to-date in their training, so they will have access to a virtual classroom where they will be able to get into the new content and training.

What I get by being an Aeroyoga Accredited Center

  1. You will appear in our directory of accredited centers. Here the students will see a record of your center.
  2. You will have a continuous access to our virtual classroom and the support of our teachers to solve all your doubts..
  3. Access to new content: recorded lessons, new training videos, podcasts…
  4. You will get a 30% off at swings and brand materials which you can distribute in your own center.
  5. Being an Aeroyoga® Accredited Center every 3 years you will be able to train a new instructor for free with the Online Instructor Course, so he/ she will obtain the certification.
  6. Free access to an online MasterClass offered by the creator of the Aeroyoga® method Rafael Martínez for both the instructors and the center. This master class will be held every year.
  7. Free one-year delivery to replace old swings or expand your center.

Pay 35€ per month in a monthly payment. Save 2 installments with a payment of 350 € per year.

What should you know?

Being in our directory the students will be able to report positive and negative comments about your centers. These comments will be private and will allow us to know that your center offers the adequate quality to the users. We would rescind the membership if the complaints of the users justify it, after that the proportional part of the amount collected will be refunded.

How can I become an accredited center?

Fill in the following form and we will contact you to explain us how your center is and clarify any doubts.

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